E II litter














Father - Import USA - Steppes Damonds Are for ever . the dog is strong and solid skeleton, complete with perfect teeth strong and excellent scissor bite.
When tested on the racetrack showed extreme interest in the bait.
He is the son of the most successful dog borzoi USA in 2010.


From the mother's side of the line leads directly to the legendary breeding Perchino


















Mother - import France -Ladies of the lake´s Elektra Czarievna - is exceptionally beautiful girl with an exceptional nature, on the racetrack completely reliable.
Excellent complete teeth strong, with a perfect scissor bite.
Mother of famous D-litter.

It comes from the line of World champion Javidov az Aftab Faizabad.


Electras head


Electra and her son Dreamy Dancer Krylov



Electra´s son Dramy dancer Krylov - 1.5 year


Kennedy head study